Tru-Cut Tools (I) PVT. LTD. is the Indian agent and distributor of Amada Cutting Company Ltd. Japan for bi metal bandsaw blades, circular saw blades, bandsaw machines, carbide circular sawing systems, spares, cutting oil Mist.

Established in 1989 we are headquartered at Mumbai, India with engineers based in all major Industrial cities/ towns across the country.

We sell our products to manufacturing industries, steel service centres, forgers and foundries, machine shops and other metal related industries throughout India.

We have ready stock of Bi metal Bandsaw Blades, Bandsaw Machines, Circular saw Blades, Cutting Oil Mist and Spare Parts for Bandsaw Machines.

Bi - metal blade produced by using electron beam welding.
High - quality and low - noise working achieved with unique variable tooth pitch design.
Voices of customers are directly fedback to Research & Development and Production Departments.
Products are tested under harsh conditions that are not observed at other manufacturers.
  One example is the bending test of the welded section. While the condition used at another steel blade manufacturers is only about a 75 mm radius, Amada uses a much harsher condition, 25 mm, based on Amada’s own standard. Amada’s high blade quality is firmly supported in such aspects that usually do not show.

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